Liz Sommer

Freelance Writer

United States

Hi, I'm Liz Sommer. I'm a freelance writer in Los Angeles. I love to write about semi-niche internet subcultures, cringey memes, and how we’re all cyborgs at this point. I have 3 years of experience writing high-ranking SEO content and can also craft copy for your marketing materials, website, etc.

Ed Markey's Gen Z Internet Standom

Progressive members of Gen Z used their social media prowess to push for the reelection of septuagenarianMassachusetts Senator Ed Markey.

'Alt Girls' Are Thriving On TikTok In 2020

Alt Girls are having a moment on TikTok as participants in alternative-adjacent trends find community on the app and young women are sharing their contemporary takes on the aesthetic.

The 2019 eGirl: TikTok And Beyond

What may seem to be simply a style trend is much more. The 2019 eGirl has been in the making for a while and demands to be defined by more than what she looks like.